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Without the right to life all other rights are meaningless

Protecting life


We defend the innocent in their right to life from the moment of conception. We  are a voice for those without a voice



Defending women


We defend women’s rights to give birth and raise their children. We offer support to vulnerable women



We can guide those in distress, harmed or potentially harmed by abortion to appropriate, loving and supportive counselling. Pregnancy support, Practical support, Post abortion counselling. Birthline Pregnancy Support Inc has a 24 hour crisis phone line on 1300 655 156 offering confidentiality, trust, a concerned ear, counselling services and helpful advice. 

Defending the dying


We defend the rights of the dying to have dignity, comfort and care until the end of their natural life through palliative care nursing

  • Focus the attention of legislators to inherent dangers of existing or proposed legislation

  • Visit and write to politicians concerning legislation opposed to life

  • Provide pro-life resources to schools


  • Pro-life awareness activities in the community

  • Fund other like-minded groups in their endeavours to instil pro-life values into our community and to help others understand issues that can affect the lives of us all at some time.


Our Mission

Please contact us if you would like further information or assistance


Our Activities


  • Political action

  • Resources

  • Supporting other pro-life groups

  • Join us! Become a member
  • Links to other sites

Contact us


0477 293 697


PO Box 604 

Brighton SA 5048


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