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Birthline Pregnancy Support Inc has a 24 hour crisis phone line on 1300 655 156 offering confidentiality, trust, a concerned ear, counselling services and helpful advice. This organisation also has trained counsellors available for face to face counselling.


They offer pregnancy testing, medical and gynaecological referrals, and practical help such as avenues to financial assistance, baby furniture, maternity and baby clothes


Counselling is also provided for those suffering from post abortion grief


Information and counselling concerning adoption and single parenting is also available


Assistance includes:

  • Crisis telephone counselling
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Face to face counselling
  • Medical consultations
  • Legal advice
  • Information on available benefits
  • Accommodation
  • Practical assistance
  • Home visitation
  • Baby requirements
  • Continuing emotional and practical support
  • Confidentiality

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