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Abortion - what is it?

The belief that every human life is of equal worth and is worthy of protection and loving care has come under increasing attack. The sanctity of life ethic is being replaced by a quality of life ethic.

Are legal abortions safe?

No legal abortion is without very real and serious short and long term risks to the physical and emotional health of the woman.

Decision to abort is made at the worst time

A woman usually finds out she is pregnant at around 7 weeks of pregnancy. At this time her hormones are changing to support the pregnancy and her body


Methods of abortion

Abortion is sometimes called ‘therapeutic


‘Therapeutic abortion’ is the only therapy   known that terminates  the life of one of the patients.


Abortion laws in Australia

The fiction that the unborn child is not a legal person dates from medieval times and is influenced by primitive biology. In 1788 the first English text book on medical juris- prudence written by 

Development of the unborn child

There is no stage at all at which a human embryo is less than fully human. We were all embryos (and pre-embryos, blastocysts, etc) before we were born.

Language of illusion

Every child should be a wanted child’.

At the heart of this appeal is a self-centredness that makes the value of children  dependent on 

Does abortion cause breast cancer

Abortion has been linked to breast cancer by highly respected epidemiologists although it is being   disputed by some 

Have women been helped by legal abortion?

Someone has profited but not the woman who undergoes an abortion. The abortion industry is a multi-million dollar machine. The woman must undergo a humiliating procedure, an


The fascinating world of the unborn child

Science is helping us understand what life in the womb is like.

We could only speculate on what life was like for an unborn baby.


Should people impose their morals on others

It’s popular to say that those who are pro-life oppose abortion because of religious belief, therefore they are wrong.


What if a woman has been raped

Rape is a great injustice to the woman and its consequences may be unjust. But an even greater injustice is done by killing  


Are all feminists pro-abortion?

The early feminists were not for abortion! Quotes from some of the earliest feminists: “I deplore the horrible crime of child murder.” Susan B Anthony

Abortion is the ultimate 

Countdown to birth - moving day

For eight months he has floated in his private ocean. This morning he wakes, opens his eyes, yawns and kicks vigorously several times.


Does abortion affect men? And what does it do to fathers?

When a man is the father of a baby to be killed by abortion it will have some psychological effect on him as well as the mother.

What if the child has a disability

Many people think that abortion is best for an unborn baby diagnosed with a disability. Disability is relative as no-one is perfect.

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